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Vanuatu hot for 2014!

Since the Sydney Morning Herald this week announced its top travel destinations for 2014 which included Vanuatu (yeah!) I wanted to share some personal photos taken of our beautiful country - if these don't inspire you to hop on board a plane and tie the knot in Paradise then I don't know what will! Enjoy!
Sunset at Coco Beach Resort Vanuatu
One of Port Vila's Gorgeous Sunsets, taken at Coco Beach Resort.
Image of models wearing Island Princess Clothing
Island Princess Photo shoot at the luxuriously splendid Havannah Resort - perfect spot to elope for those looking to get away from it all and just RELAX for a long weekend.
Image of bride and groom at Kakula Island Vanuatu
This image is taken at Kakula Private Island - wedding coordinator Francine is posing here with friend Pana for our wedding advert. This has to be one of my favourite spots.
Image of sunset at Eratap Resort Vanuatu
I took this photo after a wedding held at Eratap Beach Resort - I bet you are imagining yourself sitting there right now!
Image of the ocean at Breakas Resort Vanuatu
You know how sometimes you see photos online and you wonder :does it REALLY look like that?" Well guess what? The water here in Vanuatu REALLY is that clear, that blue and that beautiful! This image is taken at Breakas Resort.
Image of a Vanuatu green lizard
If you're walking around town you might just spot this green lizard on top of someone's head!
Image of tropical fruit in Vanuatu
Yummy tropical fruits and coconuts - no excuse for being unhealthy here!
Image of a traditional canoe in Vanuatu
The Ni-Vanuatu use these canoes for transport and fishing, but you can use one to arrive at your wedding - just don't fall in! Photo taken at Aquana Resort.
Image of the deck at Le Lagon Resort Vanuatu
I don't think you could ask for a prettier back drop. This photo is taken on the Beach Wooden Deck at the Warwick Le Lagon Resort & Spa.
Image of a sunset in Port Vila Vanuatu
And here's one more sunset shot - this time taken from the Anchor Inn in Port Vila.

High Flyers 2013

(Westpac Incentive Event)
So apologies if you have already liked our page on Facebook and have been bombarded with all of our pics from the weekend but for those who aren’t connected with us on Facebook let me fill you in.
Image of the Weddings Parties Evrisamting staff in Vanuatu
We have just finished up a 3 day event, it was huge and I am still so tired, but it was so much fun and it went really well. Of course being our first large corporate event it was also a huge learning experience for our team, but this only means we can move onwards and upwards with improving our service for future events. All in all though the clients looked super happy and we received great feedback from Offsite Connections, the event management team in Sydney or brought the clients to Vanuatu.
"Thankyou so much for all your help – you have been amazing and we couldn’t have pulled this off without you and your team – everyone was incredible. You guys were instrumental in making this a success".
Here’s what we did…
Unique Airport Experience
Guests were transferred from the airport in buses by Adventures in Paradise, just down the road we had staged a road block with six market trucks and about 20 local villages who had spilled coconuts, bananas, rice, pigs and chickens onto the middle of the road blocking traffic. The guests were waved over and asked to hop off the bus and help the villages reload the bus. Once repacked, all the guests were then invited onto the back of the trucks and driven to their next destination.
Afternoon at La Tentation Restaurant & Bar
We themed this event, building a local mamas market out of bamboo and coconut palm, built a tiki bar which sat right on the boardwalk overlooking the beautiful Port Vila Harbour at La Tentation Restaurant. Umbrellas and bean bags were laid out on the grass for guests to relax on. We also organised the Erakor School Choir to welcome guests with traditional Ni-Vanuatu songs, this then followed with entertainment by the Futuna String Band.
Image of Vanuatu string band
Welcome to Vanuatu Dinner at the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu
Again we themed this event laying the tables with banana leaf, banyan tree vine, frangipanis and paw paw flowers, lots of candles and the table centrepieces were a three piece of bamboo with fresh tropical flowers and pillar candles. Tiki torches lit up the walkways and surrounded the marquee. For entertainment, local music trio Max, Kerry and Gina performed during and after dinner. The guests were also wowed by a fire dance show by Vanua Fire.
Half Day Conference at the Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu
We had the local women of Mele Village weave handmade fans, flowers, ball and hats out of fresh coconut leaf which tied in with the coconut theme of the conference; these were laid on the tables as decorations and also doubled up a take home souvenir for the guests. Each place at the table had a half coconut which was filled with mints and coconut flavoured lollies, a pen and flip flop notepad. We also supplied the client with a local coconut bra, grass skirt and coconut oil as prizes for the guests.
Illuminate Party at Club V
This was our favourite night! Luckily for us the owner of the club agreed that we could do whatever we wanted to the inside as long as we repainted the club the next day back to the original black…but in the end our glow paint artwork on the walls looked so good the owner decided to keep it and we didn’t have to come back and repaint!! Together with Offsite Connections we coordinated everything from the food and beverage, entertainment and theming. There were glow cocktails, canapés, vodka jelly shots, traditional Tannese face painters, ping pong table, chill out area, awesome DJ, paint guns and a photo booth.From the moment the guests entered the music was pumping and there was no stopping until they all left again where we heard they partied to the wee hours of the night at the hotel lobby bar!
Rocky Horror Picture Show Party at Eden on the River
The last night started off a bit mellower then the previous nights but the crowd soon started to party (might have had something to do with all the vodka red bulls being ordered at the bar). Guests were transported and along the way Frank N. Furter and Riff Raff scared the guests as the buses came through the ditch, they were then welcomed by Magenta and Columbia who led them up to table full of cocktails with floating eye balls. A local dance troupe then performed to The Time Warp with the client, and a flash mob all wearing the clients face joined in. The pre-dinner drinks finished with a bang as a fireworks display filled the night sky. During dinner which was catered by The Holiday Inn Vanuatu, local covers band Crowning Moments performed alongside Dalinda. A fantastic centre cake of the client dressed in Rocky Horror get up was enjoyed for dessert, made by the talented Judi Clelland at Cake Fantasy.
Image courtesy of
During their 3 night stay the group also enjoyed team building activities booked through Event Logic a relaxing day at the Mele Beach Bar, plenty of water sports activities and a jungle Zipline.
To see all of the images from each day, please visit our Facebook page
If you would like us to manage your next destination incentive event, please email us for further details

Pre-Wedding Group Activities

One of the main reasons why we think destination weddings are such a great idea is that instead of spending just one day with your nearest and dearest, generally the bride and groom are able to enjoy either a long weekend or even a whole week with their favourite people. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for both families to really come together and get to know each other.
Vanuatu Destination Wedding
In today’s blog post we wanted to share some Vanuatu Destination Wedding group activity ideas that we recommend if you are thinking of something fun to organize for your guests.
Pele Island is one of our personal favourite spots. Evergreen Vanuatu offers a full day tour to the island. You can easily arrange for your group no matter how big or small to take the trip.
Image of the view from the highest point on Pele Island Vanuatu
Once you’re on the island there is so much to do; Village tour, snorkelling (some of the best in Vanuatu!), kayaking, swimming in the crystal blue waters, relaxing on the beach, take the 20 minute hike up the mountains (some of the most amazing views you will see while in Vanuatu). They also provide a delicious BBQ lunch and local Vanuatu string band entertainment. We recommend taking an esky of local Tusker beer and champagne with you!
Image of Evergreen staff cooking BBQ lunch at Pele Island Vanuatu
Ekasup CulturalVillage – Night Feast
While in Vanuatu, you can’t miss a local Melanesian feast and we love the night feast at Ekasup Cultural village. The feast operates every Friday night and costs only 3100vt p/adult or 1550vt p/child. Not only will you and your guest’s feast on the island buffet but you’ll also be able to watch the natives perform live to the original rhythm and beat of pacific music.
Image of Vanuatu Warriors at Ekasup Cultural Village
Also included is Kava tasting – a great introduction to the Vanuatu culture and customs. For further information take a look at the Vanuatu Tourism website
Image of Aelan Kaikai in Vanuatu
What better way to spend an afternoon then on a sunset cruise around Port Vila harbour with your future husband/wife and your wedding guests.
Image of a sunset taken at Port Vila Harbour Vanuatu
This 2 hour cruise includes food and drinks and has a cocktail party like atmosphere. The sunsets are to die for, music is great, the canapés are yummy and it’s all in all a great tour! The cruise leaves nightly from the Irirki Jetty (town side) at 5:00pm.
Image of Meridien Charters Vanuatu sailing boat

Vanuatu Wedding Entertainment

We thought it would be a good idea to show you the fabulous variety of entertainment available in Vanuatu for your destination wedding.
Our favourite is your very own fireworks show! A 3 minute show will cost you roughly AUD$500 or if you wanted to go all out AUD$1000 will last 6 minutes.
Image of fireworks at a Vanuatu wedding
But before you let off those fireworks we have to recommend a show by the Vanua Fire Dancers from Wan Smol Bag Theatre, you'll be amazed at what they can do whilst dancing to the beats of the latest music.
Vanua Fire Photography
And I am sure most of you would have seen the sky lanterns in movies such as The Hangover 2, well luckily in Vanuatu we also have this great option available. Have your guests write a wish and tie it to the lanterns and then let them fly off into the night, its a lovely gesture and so romantic!
Image of sky lanterns being released at a Vanuatu wedding
f you're after a live band, you can't go past Crowning Moments This local covers band can play it all. They are regulars at The Anchor Inn as well as at all the major local events here in Vanuatu. They play an amazing variety of music. Stu, David and Kathy will make your wedding very special. Check them out on the video below.
You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Crowning Moments during Hideaway Wedding Video
A short clip of Crowning Moments - a Wedding Band here in Vanuatu - captured at Hideaway Island Resort, during a recent Wedding Video!
If you would prefer a DJ, then our recommended man is DJ Psyklone who has been djing in Vanuatu since 1998. He has two wedding packages available to suit all budgets, email us for pricing.
Image of a polynesian dancer
Wanting something a little more local? Then why not incorporate some South Pacific Flavour into your wedding, we have some great options available including Tahitian, Polynesian and Melanesian Dance Troupes.
You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Futuna Fatuana Cultural Group 2-VANUATU.mpg
Or what about having a traditional conch shell serenade –  an essential component to the traditional island wedding. A Conch Shell announces the arrival of the bride to her waiting groom. That’s when the butterflies fly!  You could go one step further and also include the traditional Warrior Escort which incorporates the conch shell blower with singing warrior groups who escorts the bride and provides a guard of honour on her entry to the ceremony site. They also provide singing throughout the ceremony (at the signing of the register) and a traditional dance display directly after the ceremony. Look-out! You may even be asked to join in with your spear in hand!
Image of a traditonal conch shell serenader in Vanuatu
We also have the local string band from Ekasup Cultural Village who can perform at either your Vanuatu wedding ceremony or reception. See the video below of them performing at a recent Vanuatu Wedding.
You need Flash Player in order to view this.
Ekasup Warriors & Band - Villa Chazannie Weddings
A short video clip of the Ekasup band and warriors during a recent wedding at Villa Chazannie, Efate, Vanuatu.
Lastly, we are excited to introduce Vanuatu's newest entertainment duo - Gaelle & Ben from Groovy Banana, they offer two fabulous packages which are sure to entertain;
Vocal/Ukulele Duet, which is a mix of jazz, soul and French chanson. Music set can be tailored to your needs.
Dance performance + Class -  Lindy Hop/Swing Dance performance (15min) Group initiation class for all guests (45min)
You can find out more information on their website

What we've been doing lately!

After a couple of quiet months, wedding season has officially started! We are off to The Holiday Inn today for a wedding, two more this weekend, three next week plus a baby naming ceremony.
Image of wedding party in VanuatuWe have a fantastic new venue on offer, which we will blog about very shortly so stay tuned, but its sure to be a favourite!
We assisted Coconut Palms Resort in the set up of the Prime Ministers Independence Dinner on the 30th July. You can check out our work on our Facebook page
Image of Vanuatu Independence Dinner at Coconut Palms ResortAlso, we recently took a quick trip to Oz to buy a ton of products for an incentive event we are assisting with this October. We are really looking forward to branching out more in the corporate sector and this is a fantastic way to start! We are organising 3 evening events for an Australian based group; the themes of the events are "Welcome to Vanuatu", "Illuminate" and "Rocky Horror Picture Show"...we cant wait, its going to be so much fun!

Real Wedding - Debbie & Simon

Debbie & Simon
WHEN Saturday 4th May 2013
WHEREThe Holiday Inn Resort, Vanuatu (Couple stopped in Port Vila for 1 day on a P&O cruise holiday)
Image of a wedding party at The Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu
Arriving to a stunning beautiful day in port Vila, & being surrounded by friends & family. And of course marrying Simon on that perfect little piece of paradise.
The background music was great as we hadn’t made a copy of our own to play. The garden room was great location so we could see out to the wedding as it was being set up.
Walking down the path to the wedding song & seeing Simon along with happy faces & and the amazing views of the lagoon, just perfect.
Image of a bride and groom at The Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu
Maybe filming after the wedding, speeches etc.
Maybe spend a week there so you could enjoy all there is to offer.
Felt very happy that everything had gone off without too much drama, as the lead up was very stressful with family not sure if they were attending & after all that they had the BEST time ever, saying they plan to go back & how friendly the people were.
All in all we had an amazing day the staff at lunch were so good with shading us from the sun.
And special thanks to your 2nd in charge Francine that helped with my dress and she was so nice to us.
Thank you so much Samara. A day we will always treasure.
Image of the ceremony arch at The Holiday Inn Resort Vanuatu

Perfect for families!

We were thrilled to head out to Vanuatu's newest FAMILY FRIENDLY accommodation - Vanuatu Beachfront Apartments, situated at Mele Bay.
Image of a bride and groom at Mele Bay Vanuatu
They are a boutique style complex offering several well appointed rooms varying to suit between 2 to 10 people per room. Located right on the bay with a number of attractions and activities close by including;
  • Hideaway Island Resort
  • The Summit Gardens
  • Vanuatu Zipline
  • The Mele Cascade Waterfalls
We can just picture your wedding now...arrival by horseback, a gorgeous barefoot wedding on the beach, followed by sunset cocktails on the pool deck and a scrumptious seafood buffet under the stars, its also the perfect spot to let off wish lanterns and fireworks!
Image of a room at Vanuatu Beachfront Apartments
The apartments offer the following amenities;
  • Pool
  • Bar
  • Café
  • BBQ
  • Outdoor Playground
  • Indoor Kids Zone
  • Bicycles
  • Water-sports
  • Beach Volleyball Court
  • FREE Wi-Fi Internet
  • FREE on-demand Movies
  • Complimentary use of bicycles and scooters
  • Jet-ski and tow-behind hire available
To find out more about the accommodation check out Vanuatu Beachfront Apartments website
We can't wait to go back next week for some sunset cocktails ourselves!
Image of the sunset at Mele Bay Vanuatu

Real Wedding - Erin & Andy

Erin & Andy
WHEN Saturday 18th May 2013
WHERE Breakas Resort, Vanuatu
Photo of bride and groom in the water at Breakas Resort
Seeing each other for the first time walking down the isle.
The location...both the resort, and in particular ‘The Butterfly’ area for the ceremony.  Fireworks!
The warrior sounding the conch shell at the ceremony- this was amazing and totally unexpected! Really signified the moment we were about to undertake!
The location, smiles and absolute fun we had! Being so excited for the fire works surprise for our guests.
Walking down the isle to meet each other, and the excitement of this moment, so much so I started running towards Andy!
Worrying about everything and everyone else! ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff’
Photo of a sunset wedding at Breakas Resort
Yes! Have your special day at Breaka's! And book with Samara...
It’s a fantastic experience to have all your family and friends together for more than just 1 day!
The day was particularly hot, so you could see the boys sweating in their shirts, so maybe mindful of fabric choices for the climate.(Maybe good to think about having fans for guests?)
Although you are legally married in Vanuatu, your marriage certificate is not recognised in Australia, and you will have to contact Births Deaths and Marriages to ‘change your name’ rather than registering your marriage.
Was good to have a recovery brunch the following day and spend time with our guests.
Overall...Thrilled, we  would go back again and do it all! A little bit exhausted, as we had coordinated everyone for a week, so excited to go on honeymoon!
Thank you and your team Samara for everything you did to make our day so special! We are really happy with your service, prices, and indeed value for money! It is obvious you are well known in Port Vila  and have many professional connections and suppliers to ensure every element of a wedding day is wonderful!

Its here! Vanuatu Limos!

We were so excited when we heard that a limo was on its way to Vanuatu, and now that it has finally arrived we met today with Anthony Lehmann who is the Australian management consultant of Ni-Vanuatu business owner Peter Ora from Mele Village. And we have to say the limo is NICE!!!
It seats six people in the back and is fitted with the following;
·  Luxury Milano Leather Seating
·  Ice cold dual climate control air conditioning system
·  Chilled Refreshment Bar
·  Powered privacy screen with driver intercom
·  International direct dial radio car telephone
·  Mobile Wi-Fi internet hot spot
·  12volt and 240 volt power (for powering and charging your phones, cameras and laptops)
·  Audio/visual entertainment including Internet, CD & DVD with two TV screens.
Photo of a white limo in Vanuatu
The luxury limousine service is fantastic for weddings, hens/bucks nights, airport transfers, VIP persons attending conferences and other events, or if you just feel like taking a ride in something special (Great local rates!)
If you would like to book this service for your wedding, the rate is very competitive. Just imagine blissfully turning up to your wedding in complete luxury or indulging in a private drive back to your honeymoon suite with your new husband/wife.
Image of Vanuatu Limo flyer
You can contact Vanuatu Limos via their website or through their Facebook page and please stay tuned for more information on an exciting romance package including massage, sunset cruise, limo and 3 course meal at a stunning private location…
We're only disappointed we didn't get an actual ride...maybe next time!

Yes! Your Vanuatu Wedding is Legal.

One question we get asked a lot from potential clients is whether or not their Vanuatu wedding will be legally recognised in their own country. The answer is yes, marriages in Vanuatu are recognised in Australia, New Zealand, the United States the United Kingdom and most other countries.
Australians can check out the following link for further information-
You will need to complete the 'intend to marry' forms (which we will email you upon booking) and return them to us with copies of the following;
  • Your passports and birth certificates
  • Divorce papers or former spouse’s Death Certificate if applicable
We will then lodge the documents on your behalf and look after the registration and issuing of the Marriage Certificate. You don’t need to attend the Vanuatu Registry Office in person.
Photo of couple signing the wedding registrar in VanuatuOn the day, following the ceremony, you will sign the Registry, have that witnessed and be presented with your Marriage Certificate and Marriage Registration. On return to Australia you can present your Marriage Certificate and Registration at your bank to change an account to the bride’s new surname and the Certificate and the new bank account details will be sufficient to change the name on your driver’s licence. To renew a passport with a change of name you will need to submit a form to Births, Deaths and Marriages requesting a change of name.
You can’t register the marriage with Australian Births, Deaths & Marriages as the wedding has been officially registered in Vanuatu.
Lastly, we recommend that you be in Vanuatu at least 3 days prior to your wedding, but this is not a legal requirement as such - just a good idea! We also hold many weddings for couples who come of the cruise ship and they are only in Port Vila for the day.
We hope this answers all of your questions!
Photo of a bride and groom with their Vanuatu wedding certificate